Addressing the needs of AR Managers and Collection Managers world-wide

TCS CORP is a leader in commercial debt recovery, helping companies in the U.S., Canada and abroad manage and protect their accounts receivable. We take great pride in our proven results, our commitment to our clients and the ability to take advantage of and respond to the advances and changes in the collection industry.

  • TCS CORP Commitment To Our Clients
  • TCS CORP Customer Commitment

    • We understand your needs
    • We act fast with the expertise that makes a difference
    • “Working together, to help your business Thrive” is our mission statement and our promise to our clients
    • We do not make empty promises or give false hope to our clients. We will be up front and honest with you while doing everything possible to get you paid and protect your business interests.
  • Why Should You Choose TCS CORP?
  • What Does TCS CORP Offer?
  • When Is The Right Time To Place in Collections?
  • TCS Approach For Recovering Funds

    TCS Approach for Recovering Funds

    • Collection unit assigned with a Quality Control Manager.
    • Accounts assigned according to balance.
    • Collector first determines financial ability or inability of debtor to pay debt.
    • Collection attempts made within 24 hours with daily attempts until contact made.
    • Credit Bureau contacted to obtain current business report.
    • Bank contacted regarding specific account information.
    • Recommend Field Private Investigator that goes to debtors location.
    • Attorney contacted in debtor’s local area for Attorney demands.

We take a team approach to advising clients on the right account receivable strategies while developing a sound recovery plan. Don’t settle for just any debt collector. You deserve a team that understands your business.

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